PRESIDENT    -  Peggy Dunder

PRES. ELECT -  Norman Swiger

TREASURER  -   Susan Vilasi

SECRETARY   -  Nancy Leo


Tyler Johnson               Julie Cylenica

Victoria Hosick              Kate Ellis

Terry Berchtold


Susan Vilasi            Victoria Hosick


P.J. Monella


Debra A. Arner


Chester B. Scholl, Jr., Esq.






Having problems with a Realtor® ? The National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics lies at the heart of being a Realtor®. Since its adoption in 1913, the Code has promoted time-honored principles that are generally defined as: Loyalty to clients Fiduciary duty to clients Cooperation with competitors Truthfulness in statements and advertising and non-interference in exclusive relationships that other Realtors® have with their clients. Realtor® members who violate the Code of Ethics can be subject to sanctions by their local association through procedures established by NAR.

The Greater Mercer County Association of REALTORS® is a participant in the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®' Statewide Professional Standards Program.

If you are a REALTOR®, and believe you have an issue with another REALTOR® involving a commission (arbitration); if you are a REALTOR® or a resident of Mercer County and believe you have an issue with a REALTOR® (ethics complaint); or if you are a Buyer or Seller and a dispute arises out of a real estate transaction in which you are involved and you are looking to solve the problem without litigation (Dispute Resolution System), you can contact Lisa Aaron at the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® to assist you.  The telephone number is 800-555-3390

Jennifer Reilly, Bibza & Bonner, Grove City

Chad E. Moore, ReMax, Mercer

Derek T. Bish, Northwood, Grove City

Susan McGill, Northwood, Grove CIty

Janet Krasicki, ERA Johnson

Karen S. Philson, Coldwell Banker Bainbridge Kaufman

Jeffrey Shaffer, Northwood, Hermitage

Stephanie Sellen, Howard Hanna, Grove City

Gillian Caramanno, Northwood, Grove City

Crystal Reilly, Bonner & Bibza Realty, Grove City

Sarah Boland, Howard Hanna, Greenville

Olivia M. Roxberry, Bonner & Bibza Realty, Grove City

Brittany Poorbaugh - Northwood, Hermitage

Sandra Salvatora - ReMax, Mercer

Stephen Shields - Northwood, Grove City

Julie Sebock - Clear Choice Enterprises, Butler

Lisa Rudavetz - Clear Choice Enterprises, Butler

Antony Kelley - Howard Hanna, Grove City

Carol Kaufman - Coldwell Banker, Cranberry Twp.

Joseph Fusco - Berkshire Hathaway, Slippery Rock

Amber Fusco - Berkshire Hathaway, Slippery Rock

​Michael Gable - Northwood, Hermitage

​Fontineese Green - Northwood, Hermitage

Benjamin Tawney - Northwood, Grove City

Ryan Williams - Howard Hanna, Grove City

Why Use a Realtor®?
Buying or selling a home can be one of the largest financial decisions you’ll ever make. That’s why you need to work with a Realtor®.

Many consumers believe they’ll save money by trying to buy or sell a home themselves but research shows that a Realtor® can sell your house for more money and in a shorter time. Ninety-eight percent of buyers and sellers said Realtors® provided useful information in the real estate transaction.

Realtors® have unparalleled knowledge of local market conditions and can leverage that expertise to help their clients reach their real estate goals.

A Realtor®:
Knows how to show the home best, protecting you later on if you get a difficult buyer; guides you through the financially intimidating process of buying a home; helps you determine what you can afford and how to pay for it; knows the extra costs that go beyond the “For Sale” price – like taxes, closing costs, mortgage prices and down payments.

When buying or selling a home, it’s easy to get lost in the details. A Realtor® is the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything and get the best deal.

Choosing a Realtor®:
-Interview at least three Realtors® before deciding
-Choose a Realtor® with experience
-Ask for referrals and follow up on them. Talk to past clients.
-Don’t just settle for the Realtor® asking for the lowest commission.
-Have questions ready to learn about your Realtor®.


I Pledge Myself  to protect the individual right of real estate ownership  and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it; To be honorable and honest in all dealings; To seek to better represent my clients and customers  by building my knowledge and competence; To act fairly toward all in the spirit of the Golden Rule; To serve my community well, and through it, my country; And to observe the Code of Ethics of the  NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF  REALTORS® and conform my conduct to its lofty ideals.



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Nancy J. Leo

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